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League Standings

If you are looking for an online source for your league standing, you've come to the right place! Available online league standings in the Greater Anchorage Area include the following; just click on your bowling center's name below:

Center Bowl

Jewel Lake Bowl

Red Star

All Stars

Members will be recognized for outstanding bowling performance from August 1st through July 31st of each bowling season. Members earning the most points will be considered in order of merit for selection to the AllStar team(s), with the bowler earning the most points being recognized as Bowler of the Year in each category (Male, Female, Youth, and Senior’s). Members selected to the All-Star team will receive a paid team entry into their respective Local Association Championship (City) Tournament paid by the GAUSBCA. Consisting of 2 - Hall of fame, 2 - All-Star (male, female), and 2 -Senior All-Star (male, female) teams.

Click here for the All Star Criteria & Application.


Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to perpetuate the name of those who have displayed outstanding ability in the sport of American Tenpins and/or have contributed meritorious service to the reputation and progress of bowling in the area serviced by the Greater Anchorage USBC Association (GAUSBCA).

Membership of the Hall of Fame shall be composed of individual members sanctioned by or whom the Greater Anchorage USBC Association has selected.

Any sanctioned member of the Greater Anchorage USBC Association may submit nominations along with the nominee’s qualifications and achievements, to the association president or Association Manager for referral to the HOF committee.

Candidate Qualifications

A. An adult candidate must have been a member of the former ABA or AWBA and/or the GAUSBCA for an aggregate of ten (10) years. A youth candidate must have been a member of the Anchorage Young American Bowling Alliance (AYABA) and/or the GAUSBCA for an aggregate of five (5) years.

B. Twenty-five (25) signatures endorsing the candidate, with printed name and phone number.

C. All candidates must have at all times displayed good sportsmanship, and to have been a credit to the game of American Tenpins at all times, be of good moral character, and an inspiration both on and off the lanes to fellow bowlers.

D. Bowling Achievement (Superior Performance) E. Meritorious Service F. The nominees must have distinguished themselves through bowling achievement and/or meritorious service.

Hall of Fame - '66 through '16            HoF Application