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Home to the Anchorage Bowling Community and surrounding areas.


Our Mission:

To provide regular updates of bowling activity in Anchorage and surrounding areas.  Be a home for all bowlers to visit and find out about the latest bowling related news.

Our Story

Cliff Brown

Cliff Brown



Larry Lanehart

1st Vice President

Brian Petty

Brian Petty

Pro tem

2nd Vice President


Lori Petty



  • Elects league officers in accordance with Rule 102a (Two members of an immediate family cannot serve as president, treasurer or secretary-treasurer; or vice president and treasurer or secretary-treasurer of the same league or co-sign for withdrawals from a league account). Members of an immediate family include mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, stepsisters, stepbrothers, stepmothers, stepfathers and in-laws.
  • Adopts league rules and a prize list, unless league rules allow league members to do so.
  • Decides salaries, if any, to be paid to the league secretary or others, unless league rules allow for all members to decide.
  • Decides all protests involving USBC or league rules.
  • Decides all questionable scoring and calculation errors, and questions not covered by the rules.
  • Handles all disputes concerning prize money.
  • Fills any office vacancies during the season.

Board decisions are final, except when appeals are made to the local association, or USBC in accordance with Rule 119.